Ep 36 Yellow Jackets, Red Localism, Green Party

This longer episode starts with a hot take from me about the Yellow Jackets and the nature of real life revolution vs the desires of peace and unbroken windows. I discuss local government in terms of positive left leaning policy to fight for and the process and ideas we need to fight against.     The 2nd part is a return to Green Party boosting covering a reform won by the Jill Stein campaign and a final follow up from GP candidate Greenfield about busting spoiler myths, the right way to argue with mad liberals,  and winning over conservatives.  Next month will have more guests so I’m not just conversing with myself when not reading aloud.   More coverage of the Yellow Jackets is coming soon.

Sources and Links

Localist policy works
History/analysis of reform in local government

Yes; Dems are as bad as Republicans,
Jill Stein wins election reform in PA
Green Party campaign outcomes


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