Ep 34 How To Respond to Ecocide?

Solo again to explore some of the ways to respond to ecological collapse and climate chaos; first a story on the benefits of mixing up your farming and permaculture; then how the the switch to renewables creates its own waste stream; then a direct action in the UK that challenges greenwashing; and quickly mention some 3rd party results from the midterms.

Outro Music: Destroy Civilization By Louis and the Bombs

Sources and Links

Intro to agro-forestry/permaculture

‘Agroforestry’ may be new weapon in climate change fight

Permaculture basics
Salor panel waste; is even renewables greenwashing?
A direct action for state intervention, dressing down greenwashed NGOs
RNN coverage of the action

3rd party returns

Minor Party and Independent Candidate Vote for Top Offices is Lowest Since 1982

GPUS PR on midterms

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