Ep 31 Shades of the Left

This time I discuss Chris Hedges, the great leftist reporter but terrible leftist strategist. Review a breakdown of the Left today via the theory of the Marxist Center. I then cover the Green Party gains in German state elections and what can be learned. Then finish with liberal hate mail sent to a Green Party candidate for congress and his response.

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Chris Hedges and his relationship to his Left – 2 debates
On Jimmy Dore: being great.
Debating activist; not so great
both sides antifa; huh?
Marxist Center – marxistcenter.net/ notes from interview with Rev Left Radio
Greens Gain in Bavara
Hate mail to Green candidate

Intro Music: The Communists have the music, by They Might be Giants

Ending Music: Do not kill your Landlord; by David Rovics

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