Episode 61: Thinking like a Marxist

Being between colds doesn’t help with the audio quality of my voice, But this episode I talk about Marxist thinking without reading much of it. What is around us that allow us to use intuition to get to anticapitalist conclusions. […]


Ep 59: Socialism: Not Communism?

  Returning to talking about socialist states with nuance. I explore examples of narratives of anticommunism on the left and why they exist. Some of it comes from anarchists with good points, other times from liberal leaning democrats being unaware […]


Ep 58: Ecocide and Revolution

The last summer episode in which I talk about the various types of responses good, bad, and mixed to the climate crisis coming upon us. After checking in with the inertia of capitalism as expressed by the horror of burning […]


Ep 55: High Tech, High Impacts

In which I explore how technological change is not an ecological solution, breaking down the narrative of capital innovation saving us from climate change. This includes talking about Flying, micro grids, the dirty sources of clean technology. In the 2nd […]