Episode 60: What Does Democracy Look Like?

This time I do a deep dive into Direct Democracy, starting with some musing and a look at the DSA convention and the politics there. The on to policies for more and better local democracy, what the long goal for a movement might be, and a real life application of leftist revolutionary struggle with news from the Zapatistas. There’s a lot I didn’t get to, so expect a continuation.

Music Used:        Hymn of the Zapatistas, by
                              See it Through (live version), by Ryan Harvery

Sources Used

Criticism of DSA and other procedure dependent organizations

DSA Convention 2019: This is Not What Democracy Looks Like

The Case and Parts of a movement for local direct democracy

Is America ready for a municipalist movement?

Exploration of policies for direct democracy
The Case for MicroStates
The Zapatistas Announce the doubling of their Microstate.

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