Podcast Episode 88: Bread and Speech

We begin the show with talk of restorative justice. 2 party BLM messaging, Kenosha memes, an entry-ism rant, and Star trek politics, leading into a reading and reaction to the 1st chapter of the Conquest of Bread. In the 2nd […]


Episode 70: The Anarchist Option

This time I Discuss why anarchist thinking is important with an essay from Current Affairs editor Nathan Robinson; Then I give an explanation of affinity groups, talk about dual power with post-capitalist projects in Kingston NY and Jackson MI. The […]


Ep 54: Anarchy: Rules

In which I discuss the need for anarchism, what the movement for it needs to do, and the various barriers and ideas related to making it work on community scale and beyond. Topics include Dunbars number, acceptable hierarchies and boundaries […]