Tag: anarchism

  • Podcast Episode 88: Bread and Speech

    We begin the show with talk of restorative justice. 2 party BLM messaging, Kenosha memes, an entry-ism rant, and Star trek politics, leading into a reading and reaction to the […]

  • Podcast Ep83: Left Wing Culture War: Old Scars w Micheal Walsh

    I welcome back the Homegrown Socialist as we take a step back form the impending crash for a discussion of historical splits in the left and their results. From taking […]

  • Episode 70: The Anarchist Option

    This time I Discuss why anarchist thinking is important with an essay from Current Affairs editor Nathan Robinson; Then I give an explanation of affinity groups, talk about dual power […]

  • Episode 60: What Does Democracy Look Like?

    This time I do a deep dive into Direct Democracy, starting with some musing and a look at the DSA convention and the politics there. The on to policies for […]

  • Ep 54: Anarchy: Rules

    In which I discuss the need for anarchism, what the movement for it needs to do, and the various barriers and ideas related to making it work on community scale […]