Ep 55: High Tech, High Impacts

In which I explore how technological change is not an ecological solution, breaking down the narrative of capital innovation saving us from climate change. This includes talking about Flying, micro grids, the dirty sources of clean technology. In the 2nd half I talk about the harm cars cost, both in lives and as a distraction, but follow up with the demand and need for mass transit over cars even if they are ‘clean’.


Music Used:    Hello Helicopter: by Motion City Soundtrack

Sources and Links

Flying multiples your ecological footprint

Microgrid study suggests sharing is efficient, but needs high tech; metals needed are not available

3rd world mining piece

(capitalist) Lithium Mining is terrible

SUVs/cars kill a lot of people

Uk report on ev cars not helping; mass transit needed.

Under 30 are using mass transit more

Study about views towards mass transit suggest culture change is needed.

Helsinki is on track to convert all their freeways back or blvds

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