Ep 56: Structuralism for Everybody

In which I start talking about socialists in local contexts, then dive into the topic of how the injustice in our times lives not in the hearts of men but the structures built in the past. Focusing on the rule of law, how the law enforces driving onto us as an example, how that ties into mass debt, and end with how we are so miserable some worry it is becoming popular. Heavy implications I let dangle for you this time.

Music Used: Something Has To Give, by The Ameros

Sources and Links

Communist wins local office, its possible apparently.

Leftwing Mayor in Europe begins seizing property from bank to solve housing crisis.

Rule of Law exists for capitalisms sake.

Car Dependency is enforced by law, not consumer choice

Car Loan Debt defaults suggest next downturn is coming; Wall St is not worried. hhmmmm

Having mental problems is so pervasive, some worry it is becoming popular or just expected.


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