Ep137: Planet of Hypocrites

Pulled from the middle of last year; I cover The largely forgotten documentary produced by Micheal Moore; Planet of the Humans. A film with flaws, but A premise that aligns with much of my previous ecology episodes. I begin with […]

Ep135: Social Issues Sensual and Systemic

This time I run through points of interest about social issues big and small. The first half covers abortion, sex work, the safety of gay bars, how romance usually starts with friendship, and aro-aces as queer. In the 2nd half […]

Ep132: Local Elections as Revolutionary Praxis

This shorted episode due to teeth problems covers some of the electioneering stories I’ve saved before this years election Day hits like a wiffle batt. As always, I cover wins, losses, and how running some forms of electoral politics can […]

Ep131: Class Conflict Clarity

After a week off I return by wrapping up the topic from last time, namely debunking Micheal Lind and the myth of a professional class, then the original article pointing out the capitalists far away are easier to fight than […]

Ep130: Class Conflict Confusion

I return with a dive into a new essay from an historian commenting on what he calls the ‘Local Gentry’ of America. Meaning the various millionaires who factor into a better class analysis. I then cover an interview with him […]

Ep129: Leftist Infighting Panel 9/26/21

Towards the end of summer; I took an invitation to join a panel on infighting in the Left. Being on Twitch the host likely thought the topic is focused on online drama, but inviting myself an another irl organizer dramatically […]

Ep128 Housing Hopefulness

This time I continue from the last episode on urban policy in first half reacting to liberal responses to grassroots movement for rent control or public housing, the rising cost of construction and a discussion of capitalist rent collecting as […]