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  • WLIA Ep10: Chipping at a mind tunnel

    Taking a break from urban Issues I read in full an op Ed tearing into the narrative that our brains are like computers, The writers concern is that it hold […]

  • WLIA Ep9: Talking to the Satanists

    This time I am Joined by two leaders, under the names Pheonix and Dex, of the local chapter of the Satanic Temple. A recently created non-theistic religion that has grown […]

  • WLIA Ep7: Urban Developments and Asks

    This week reverts to covering urban development stories in town, as well as bus news and a remembrance of pedestrian victims of car violence. There’s certainly more development in Albany, […]

  • WLIA Ep6: Interview with Janet Carmosky of Earthshot Gallery

    This week I sit down with Center Square neighbor Janet who talks about her past in China as an executive go between to her Environmentalist projects and her current project […]

  • Episode A5: Interview with Berkshires DSA Leader

    This edition I interview an Under liner for the Berkshires DSA: She shares her background and what she’s done over the past few years and what see’s working on now […]

  • Episode A3: Union Busting, City Bits

    Today I cover an Interview and results of the local Amazon Union vote; Walking in dangerous around here, and little is being done by current government, Homeless eviction In Saratoga, […]

  • Episode A2 Building and Renting 2

    In the 2nd episode of the New 1 Hr show; I cover stories about Housing affordability in law and practice; and then two transitions of property into community hands via […]

  • Episode A1: Building and Renting 1

    Episode A1: Bugs and BLM in Court; the Landlord lobby ; Developments in the Warehouse district;The New format begins with BLM response actions in city court and beyond. The rebranding […]

  • Ep 146: A Beginning

    I finish this version of the program with a review and consideration via different sources of what a robust Left politics needs. I cover the end of the Marxist Center; […]

  • Ep 145: The End

    It’s said that if there’s any trend is that things are getting worse as things stay exactly the same. History moves but as the disconnections of late stage capitalism persist […]