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  • Ep 44: Wasted Time on Market Failures

    The 3 Lefts returns with an attack on green capitalism and its complete failure as energy efficiency standards lead to more energy use (and thus more emissions and pollution), a […]

  • Ep 43: Wait, Is this a Communist Show?

    This Episode I cover ‘ultra’ left politics with pieces explaining famous people who liked Stalin, baseline communist goals, Marxist concepts like ‘mass lines’, ‘duel power’ and more. I then finish […]

  • Ep 42: Moving Forward Means Moving Left

    This edition of the show takes us on a look at the end of the liberal system and the need for a new progressive one both at home and abroad. […]

  • Ep 41: Solidarity in, Garbage out.

    In which I cover issues of waste and consumption relating to food, cutting down on waste, and reusing at the store. Then I talk about better governance in our places […]

  • Ep 40: Capitalism’s Gotta Go Pt 2

    In this 2nd half of a tour of our systems moral and physical dead ends, I explore the limits of growth and how the reintegration it will kill everything. Then […]

  • Ep 39: Capitalism’s Gotta Go Pt 1

    Back to releasing 2 hour long episodes; This first half I review the Green Party’s Green New Deal in Contrast to the Dems suedo policy. And cover how capitalism is […]

  • Ep 38: Talking Revolution, Defending Socialist States

    In this first episode of the year I read from a number of pieces calling for revolution, defending what it is, talking about what it takes. Then push back strong […]

  • Ep 37: Direct Action and Democracy in France and Beyond

    This time I expand on the Yellow Jacket movement in France from different levels of understanding to dispel any misunderstandings or to layout the more important points to wants happening.  […]

  • Ep 36 Yellow Jackets, Red Localism, Green Party

    This longer episode starts with a hot take from me about the Yellow Jackets and the nature of real life revolution vs the desires of peace and unbroken windows. I […]

  • Ep 35 Jewish History for the Perplexed

    Fed up with all the confusion about Jews, BDS support, and apparent antisemitism on the left and right; I dive into a general outline of Jewish History from my atheistic […]