Ep 93:Lets Talk Ecology

Me and program Dir Paul take a nature break from the election with an environmental episode. We cover a tragedy of capitalist production with news that new plastic is set to double by 2030, but also the hope from a UK court ruling that blocks a big project. In the 2nd half we explore ecology with talk of trees and forestry, as well as two ways Marxism and ecology can work together.


Music used: Hello Helicopter, by Motion City Soundtrack
Industry is set to double plastic production. Are any reforms worth it? >:{
The Airline industry wastes and burns during the lockdown
UK court uses Climate agreement to block airport expansion.
UK sets new deadline for end of gas powered cars. So have others.
Cuba most sustatiable; a different kind of development index
Ecological Marxism needs a place in our movements.
South Aussies find correlation with forest loss and rainfall decline.
Ecologist tests idea of trees communicating/collaborating via fungi

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