Ep 94: Architectural Culture War

This week Micheal returns as we cover urban issues with the general disparities of urban development and why ignoring the system of capitalism makes for poor responses to very real problems. I then lay some architecture knowledge to make some points about modern Architecture and how the right has gone on the offensive via that man of great taste, Trump. Finally we cover an architecture super based take on professional licensing and diversity in Architecture.

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Picture: A parody of a right wing meme against modernism or “cultural Marxism”.


Dense urbanism subsidizes suburbia, locally and nationally as well
Gentrification is a buzzword; the real problem is poverty.
Random story about a vertical forest gone wrong
Mid-show break: The Architect Sketch by Monty Python
Trumps Exec Order on Federal building design
The source of the Order uses poll to back up ‘rejecting modernity, embracing tradition’ links to other right-wing think tanks.
Extra: stories related to Price Charles and his fight against modernism from the 80s to the 10s
Dean of Arch at Princeton on diversity and licensing

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