Series: Whats Left In Albany

Whats Left In Albany is a program that discusses the news, issues and politics of Albany NY and its surrounding metro region from a Left-wing perspective. Hosting various guests who are community leaders or have projects of interest. I also cover a lineup of content in an effort to understand how the city works and what can be done to change it; all the while applying the thoughts from the host previous program, The 3 Lefts Show.

  • WLIA: Ep22 The Local Toastmasters

    As one interview leads to another, I have on leaders from the local toastmasters. The century old organization that seeds clubs that provide an education in public speaking. Of course […]

  • WLIA21: Butterflies in the South End

    Today I have on a mother daughter team who formed and developed a buterfly garden at the foot of Lincoln park. Called the South End Butterfly Sanctuary, a reclaimed vacant […]

  • WLIA18: Scott Ritter; World Saving Writer

    This week is local resident whose activism focuses on Nuclear disarmament. He’s wrote several books and has been a writer/pundet since 9/11. I do a general interview, discuss his latest […]

  • WLIA 17: Local Regulators and Social Problems

    Today I read and react to 2 Times Union articles about local and state regulation in two completely different contexts. One centered on a Methadone clinic that serves the bottom […]

  • WLIA 16: The 787 Redesign and Consulting the Hood.

    Back and with guests from the Albany riverfront Collaborative, facilitated by architect Scott Townsend; and joined by County Legs McLoughlin and Eva Bass of Avillage. Rather that discuss the whats […]

  • WLIA 15: Vacant Property Merry-Go-Round

    This time I cover a bit related to the issues of vacant properties, They all have owners, but few have the capital to do anything about them, even the government. […]

  • WLIA Ep 14: 787, Leadership, and Dying Malls

    Another Houge-pouge show for stories ranging from possible 787 road diet, The smoking of the eastern coast, A study on leadership being linked to talking more, and surviving malls in […]

  • WLIA Ep 13: Education or Housing but not Jobs 5/16/23

    I return with a more focused episode based on the reveal that HVCC seeks to replace the public housing project In Lincoln park with more adult education facilities. I discuss […]

  • WLIA Ep 12: Inclusionary zoning reform and more

    This time I cover the saga of the improvement of the inclusionary zoning law against the wishes of the mayor; is this a successful example of the standard ‘pass bad […]

  • WLIA Ep11: Downtown Transit Options

    Returning to the subjects of the bus station, Airnbs, land development, traffic calming and trains to Vermont. At first glance these are positive things, but within a system like capitalism […]