The 3 Lefts Show

Episode A2 Building and Renting 2

In the 2nd episode of the New 1 Hr show; I cover stories about Housing affordability in law and practice; and then two transitions of property into community hands via pretty different means.. Sources: Inclusionary housing requirement almost left out […]

Ep 146: A Beginning

I finish this version of the program with a review and consideration via different sources of what a robust Left politics needs. I cover the end of the Marxist Center; A call to draw sides, and revisit a theory of […]

Ep 145: The End

It’s said that if there’s any trend is that things are getting worse as things stay exactly the same. History moves but as the disconnections of late stage capitalism persist the Left seems stuck in place, weak if not nonexistent […]

Ep 143: Getting Around Car Abuse

In this shorter episode I cover the last of my articles having to do with the war on cars and movements toward a cities for people and not machines. I read about the uselessness of the drivers test in ensuring […]

Ep140: Food for Thought 2/1/22

I return to Food issues and ecology to discuss the transition to plant based diets and intersections with reactionary politics overall. I cover the double-think of meat eating, kids confused about meat, and a deep dive into the weakness of […]