Series: The 3 Lefts Show

Podcast of radical left-wing discussion of issues, news, and topics for looking to a building a post-capitalist future.

  • Episode 111: Leftist Anguish On Leftube

    A clip Show made up of bookmarked videos from Youtube arranged to tell something of a story of the feelings, narratives and inner monologues of leftists. The first Half covers […]

  • Episode 110: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 3: The Co-op Question

    This time we cover Co-ops. We assume you already think their great, so we explore questions of funding, sustaining them, and questions like if they really undermine capitalism, what place […]

  • Ep 109: Eco-News To Possibly Use

    We spend the first chuck of the show talking about the trap of culture war and social media outreach. A warning that the alternative is canvasing in person. We share […]

  • Episode 108: Solarpunk Again; Utopia in the Making

    Resist Dystopia! The show gripes about cyberpunk and revisits Solarpunk to explore the subculture in full. In the 2nd half we cover the narratives offered by a black social ecology, […]

  • Episode 107: Pandemic 5: The Dystopia That Is

    We return with a return to thinking about the pandemic as it shapes the world and culture of the next 15 years. Focusing on its dystopian aspects. We review the […]

  • Episode 106: Help us Comarde Xi!

    We shift gears to talk about socialism: Chinese style! First we acknowledge the Uighur forced labor camps from a proper point of view. We then cover an argument of why […]

  • Episode 105 Blocks off the Chain

    To continue the conversation about alternative currencies and wrap up the topic of duel power building we look at Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin got a lot of hype but one […]

  • Episode 104 Going Cashless the Leftwing Way

    This show opens with me takes on the events of the J-6 reminding us to not take our eyes off of content in what we fight for in unfolding ‘civil […]

  • Episode 103: Islands of Anarchy

    We continue the theme of anarchism and duel power building by reviewing the policies of direct democracy and the movements that make them happen. We cover ongoing rent strikes and […]

  • Episode 102: Anarchy is A Verb

    This time pick up where we left off last time with ‘Abolish the Law’ with a return to Anarchist praxis. We cover how Antifa are the only heroes opposing the […]