Episode 104 Going Cashless the Leftwing Way

This show opens with me takes on the events of the J-6 reminding us to not take our eyes off of content in what we fight for in unfolding ‘civil war’; by presenting the topic of alternatives to capitalist money.
First and overview of the different types, and a look at each; the gift economy of Auroville; Timebanking in Detroit; the effort ethic of Parecon; and the Berkshares of the Berkshires. All have enormous potential to do and shape post-capitalism; and great for those without the ‘money’ of the banksters.
Music Used: Money Song, from Cabaret : Save up to go Bankrupt, by Mike Rimbaud
Next related episode topic will be about blockchain/P2P in socialism


After Capital Hill Riot, still a 3 way fight https://threewayfight.blogspot.com/2021/01/broken-windows-fascism.html
Overview of leftist thinking on alt money or no money in practice
The generous coverage of Auroville from above
Report on Auroville and its problems from on the ground
Timebanking in MI
Parecons proposal for remuneration in a socialist economy
Coverage Local currencies, private and public.

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