Episode 95: Pre-Election Scares

Its Halloween and the last show before “V-DAY”; so I decide to share some scares: First an account of life under a modern Authoritarian nation and how that lines up with ours. Next looking at how right-wing reactionary violence is here regardless of the elections outcome. A reminder the system is dying and its taking us and the Left with it, and maybe we should steal from the rich to survive instead of all this voting and marching crap.


Two pieces from a Survivor of modern Fascism. Pleads for Anti trump vote.
Seeing a pattern of right-wing reaction, regardless of the election results.
A Catalog of sources outlining Americas slide into a failed state.
An anarchist explains Illeagalism, the Leftist justification for rioting. Spooky if your rich.
Howie’s Hail Mary Appeal to vote green, bemoans lack of support from Allies.

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