Podcast Ep 97: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 1: Where can the Greens Go?

We start by covering the results of the Presidential election; and we mean all of them; We also do a debriefing of the Hawkins Campaign and the developments of Bottom and Left Unity. In doing so we hit on approval voting, one off candidates of super minor parties, MMT and more.
In the 2nd Half we cover political Philosophy of a past Green Candidate; a discussion of what Greens and radicals can learn from Lenin; and a call for full strategy change to duel power from a past leader of the Canadian Greens.

Intermission Music: Lesser Evil, by David Rovics

Full List of Results- Write ins were 177K
Hawkins/Walker statement on what is next
Bottom Unity Discussion
Bill Kremel talk on US government for NY Greens
Text form http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2016/01/03/presidential-candidate-statement-bill-kreml/
Learning from leninism as a green or radical
Elder Green Leader outlines duel power strategy as ‘politics of place’
Bit of video of mentioned native campaign: CW for swearing
Full report from the anarchist collective; same CW Submediahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA3wlnl_WyI&ab_channel=subMedia

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