Ep 48: May Day Hodgepodge Special

This episode I try something new and play music under the program as I cover a variety of stories, for May Day without talking much about it. First a moderate dem that actually sees where the wind is blowing, How extreme capitalists are cannibals; Then an artist explains how to build a fair market economy for art; I list out people who live without money entirely and if they are modeling something real, and end with a local town that doesn’t what anyone picking through their trash which as they see it belongs to the private trash hauler. Isn’t life so interesting?


Interlude Music; English Internationale:
Ending Music, They all sang the Internationale
Background music: Solarpunk City; by Sieudriver
Time Forward: Opening from the Sochi Winter Olympics
Opening Theme from Black Sails
A neoliberal cedes ground to the Left, for now.
An-Cap colony suffers death, members of cult shrug as money is made.
How to build a fair market economy
Moneyless People
Suburb Doesn’t want pickers to ‘steal’ from contracted waste company

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