Episode 98: Left Wing Culture War Part 3: Bottom vs Top, Class vs Identity

Before the program goes deep on organizing and dual power building, I return to leftist ideology and the divides and debates of the day, I consider the divide between Libertine and Authoritarian socialists; and then in the 2nd half between class and identity based organizing. But are these distinctions without a difference? I reach no conclusion but more questions I hope to answer going forward.
Music Used Fulfill It by Ryan Harvey

Anarchists lay out LibSoc 101; basic counters to other leftisms
Breadtuber Hakim points out the how separation of means and ends, along with the title of Authoritarian is unhelpful or worse pointless: it is a question of WHOSE authority.
I reference nurse organizing; here is the local story on my mind.
I reference Dan Carlin’s Common Sense, here is the page; he did end June 2017, ending cynical about America and the prospects of civil war.
Essay on the problem of class reductionists in DSA.
I provide a snapshot of the debate, I suggest reading more Jacobin online for what is being responded to.
I reference the ‘class reductionist’ Adolph Reed & Jane McAlevey
on Katie Haplers show; its long, but fleshing out a lot of their thinking and experience.
Not a direct rebuttal, but an alternative outlook and call for back to the land from a radical blog

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