Episode 96: Architectural Justice Warriors

We start the show with some quick reactions to the election being called with a plea for radicalism and an announcement for congress. We then return where we left off on the topic of architecture with corrections to the Trump story; and reactions to people observing the worst of the profession. We also cover a new restorative justice center by the best of the profession (woke Black Architects), explore and anarchistic practice or style, and finish with a very liberal plan for localizing reparations from the editor of strong towns.

Interim Music: Over the Hills and Far away; arr by John Trams


Wrap up on Trumps Classical Executive Order. A question of the politics of architecture.
Piece on Restorative Justice center in Oakland
Intro to a radical practice of architecture via anarchist writers
A more theory heavy version; focuses on Colin Ward
Short description of Communalism. Shorthand for where the new radical socialism
Local policies for social justice that don’t entail resisting capitalism; would anyone go for this?

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