Ep 111: Leftist Anguish On Leftube

A clip Show made up of bookmarked videos from Youtube arranged to tell something of a story of the feelings, narratives and inner monologues of leftists. The first Half covers Obama, how leftists see the world in the abstract, and looking at separate tragedies, then the Marxist take on conspiracies and equality and modesty.
The the 2nd half the clips refocus on the shortfalls of the left; namely lack of unifying narratives, theory, and organizations, wrapping up with a call to clean house at the same time.


Red Star U- The Ad
Chapo on Obama’s Narcissism; how hes like Trump
Matt Christman: The world we see of love and solidarity
Lance of The Serfs: the foundations to shootings; the narrative the left must dissemitate
Zerobooks The reality of our political system by looking at the 2020 primary through Marx
Yugopnik: looking at equality and modesty with Marxism to debunk the main leftist stereotypes
Peter Coffin: How To Be Correct ALL THE TIME
Richard Wolff on lack of organization; not numbers or whatever
Vijay Prashad laus out the defeat of the left and its effects since the 80s
Daniel Torres- why the American Left likes to lose or why lefties that fight to win are villians
Sheep in a Box: Kicking Trefs and Swerfs outta the left

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