Ep 110: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 3: The Co-op Question

This time we cover Co-ops. We assume you already think their great, so we explore questions of funding, sustaining them, and questions like if they really undermine capitalism, what place they have in wider Leftist practice and strategy.
Richard Wolff Answers a coop on coop creation: a firm in the Bay area pilots an improved model of property ownership: A journalist answers pressing questions about co-ops and system:
A history of a failed radical co-op compared to the growth but co-option of others in NYC.
A Wobbly argument against coop strategy.
Music Used: Coop, from Coop the Musical: Happy workers, by Toni Amos

Prof Wolff on Coop Strategy
Law Center develops improved form of housing co-op
Leftwing Journalist is interviewed about his new Book about the growing Coop economy
Radical Jewish Coops in NYC: PS my Jewish grandparents moved out of the Bronx via the GI Bill; which did a lot to curb socialism in the US among groups like my family.
IWW members argue against co-ops. Are they giving up on class struggle?

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