Episode 108: Solarpunk Again; Utopia in the Making

Resist Dystopia! The show gripes about cyberpunk and revisits Solarpunk to explore the subculture in full. In the 2nd half we cover the narratives offered by a black social ecology, and dive into a Current Affairs essay linking the Satanic Panic, New Atheism. Toxic fandom, and Lazy art criticism using the problem of overly literal thinking. We can conclude its another form of neo-liberalism, but what matters is finding new ways using solar-punk life.
Music Used: Photosynthesis by Sieudiver
Cyberpunk is tried and very un-punk now
Full breakdown Solarpunk subculture; more than fiction and art
Architectural review of solarpunk
The Stories and narratives of Black lead social ecology
A post about defending and respecting conceptual art
Life is confusing: we’re lacking tools to make sense of it
Link to Left-tuber Shaun taking Cinema Sins to task

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