Episode 107: Pandemic 5: The Dystopia That Is

We return with a return to thinking about the pandemic as it shapes the world and culture of the next 15 years. Focusing on its dystopian aspects. We review the nightmare of our economy, the narrative of the ‘great reset’ but an alternative from pappy Zizek, as he discusses a communism that saves the status quo, rather than a status quo that ends us. In the 2nd half we look at the embracing of dystopia that the 1% are doing with the example of VR tech. Then readings from ‘necro-capitalism’ which argues the dystopia has always been here, and compares the dystopia of capitalists with those of socialists. I end with a reading from one of them that of course has call backs from the rest of the episode.
Music Used: Static Age, by Green Day Ice Cream Drone, by ‘Johnny Magazine’

Reminder of shift in work and thus everything else
Post and report on Kerala State in India
General sentiment of activists
The ruling class is rolling through the crisis.
particular aspect of ruling class denial of crisis. VR as coping tool in their hands.
Part of a book about Dystopian imaginations and anticapitalism.
The novel I read the ending of. Its not really a spoiler…

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