Episode 106: Help us Comarde Xi!

We shift gears to talk about socialism: Chinese style! First we acknowledge the Uighur forced labor camps from a proper point of view. We then cover an argument of why they qualify as socialist, including the announced change in direction in the economy from the Party leaders since they effectively ended poverty; and how this allows them to stand up to the US. We also talk about how we are not fans of their totalist means, but we question if they are just a more honest version of oligarchy compared the indirect rule of billionaires. Also featuring side-topics of Trolls and jokes about nationalism.

Music Used
Uighur Pop Song: Saylihan
Chinese rock opera of Internationale


Indian Communists cover the Uighur camps: use Chinese as the source.
ML rationale of calling CCP socialist, despite the ‘totalist’ political system
Unread: As china grows, so do openings to oppose US imperialism/Global capitalism
CCP’s shifting policy for the next decade, grow state/public control over private firms.
A soft look at Chinas poverty reduction
China makes call in UN to lift sanctions during pandemic.
https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-10-06/China-seeks-lifting-unilateral- Sanctions-on-behalf-of-26-countries-UmhEgLWSDm/index.html
Unread: liberal elites discuss the bullshit China fear mongering, point out their own; you don’t have to be liberal democracy to modernize.
Event Zizek and Varoufakis joking about the absurdity of nationalism is clipped from.

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