Episode 101: It’s Not Just The Police

We return with a doozy of an episode about the true meaning of Law and Order. Is it equality to do business? Freedom to live as thou will? We cover another way the ‘justice’ system is not about the truth, the non-lethal weapons used on protesters, and how the police mess with movements secretly. In the 2nd Half we look at the qualities of a radical BLM, the split that could recreate that; catch up with the lack of police transformation in Minneapolis, and end with a video about how at the end of the day this is all the rich white mans law. Burn it all down?

Music Used: Organized Crime: by Ethan Miller


A Law Professor explains how the legal system cares not for the truth.
About sound cannons, the latest nightmare device of police abuse
Mentioned Heatray the military developed
A rundown things an agent does to mess with radical activism
Unread: Review of replacement of policing as we know it
Teen Vogue explains the radical implications of the moment, of BLM
Grassroots activists question the structure and direction of the movement; a split forms
Status quo coverage of the political battle in Minneapolis and results
Insurrectionary anarchist take on the riots, the fallout, and a point about what the real target is.

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