Episode 100: No Shortcuts: Ecology Edition

Nothing terribly special for our 100th Episode; we return to ecology with a quick debunk of carbon capture technology, the need to form a degrowth movement, and a target idea for all us anti-capitalists. The the 2nd half we discuss rejecting technocracy in favor of soft infrastructure and permaculture. We then expand on that to cover the ways such movements can be twisted by our system to blunt the radical potential of great ideas by making it ‘just another thing to buy.’

Modern Man-by George Carlin Frontier- by Holly Herndon

Techno fixes via industry make things worse
Degrowth is the only way out of the carbon trap
Advertising is a prime target for climate movement that seeks to degrow
Program on billboards and banning them in Sao Palo
Case for soft infrastructure over big tech solutions
The downside of mainstreaming, preventing permaculture from being coopted by capital.

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