Ep85: Leftwing Culture War pt2: Sex, Love, and Liberals

The episode We cover the social justice issues that create various splits in the Left today. Looking at a socialist vision of Sex Work , the gender nonconforming and their conflict with gender parity rules. The 2nd half focuses on the Green party as a microcosm of the Left with TERF fighting, and liberals who play it safe Vs radical socialists. We wrap up with a piece challenging the idea that love and sex are separate from politics with a call for ‘relationship communism’.


What is a Swerf? The sex negative.
Sex Worker Activism Organization for background to Swerf discussion
Unread but related; backlash to TERFs before JK Rolling proceeded to dive headfirst in.
Contrapoints deconstructs the arguments of TERFS/ the gender critical.
The declaration of a gender noncomforming teen.
Nonbinary Gender Dem candidates Sue in Brooklyn
GA greens endorse Terf statement last winter
http://georgiagreenparty.org/declaration-on-the-sex-based-rights-of-women- endorsed-this-evening-by-georgia-green-party/
Green Party Lav Caucus FB page for trans friendly content.
A Leftwing Green breaks down our factional history.
Relationship Anarchism…and Relationship Communism?

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