Ep83: Left Wing Culture War: Old Scars w Micheal Walsh

I welcome back the Homegrown Socialist as we take a step back form the impending crash for a discussion of historical splits in the left and their results. From taking Orwell to task for helping give communism a bad name, to the tension between revolutionary visions large and small. We also take on the question of a Left wing patriotism for what comes after smashing statues. What we don’t get to is actually solving sectarianism; something no one seems to have a good answer for.
Part 2 of this topic will be about terfs and class reducers

We’re riding up a roller coaster hill
A ML explains how the self righteous worldview o do more harm than good.
An explanation of what a ‘progressive patriotism’ would be.
An attache of Lenin recounts him meeting with anarchist figure Kropotkin.

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