Ep 88: Bread and Speech

We begin the show with talk of restorative justice. 2 party BLM messaging, Kenosha memes, an entry-ism rant, and Star trek politics, leading into a reading and reaction to the 1st chapter of the Conquest of Bread. In the 2nd half we cover arguments about united fronts, nazi fighting, and free speech debates.

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Rightwing meme; God is with Kyle Wittenhouse; comments are crap
Comment on RNC use of BLM
The Bread Book Online
Case for united front politics vs confrontation
Counter to untied front plus free speech for professionals, not workers
Further reading referred to criticizing the Harpers Letter for Free Speech.
Unread: Another take from socialists that is negative toward Indpol in DSA
More Indie Left groups endorse Hawkins Campaign

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