Ep 80: Memes and Cheer

This episode I am joined by the New friend and leftist Micheal Walsh, A meme-lord under the banner of the Homegrown socialist. We discuss facebook outreach, argument, radicalizing, and the current moment. In the 2nd half we cover basic anti-capitalism with the pure example of cheerleading. There just isn’t anything else to blame but capital and hierarchy for the abuse found in the subculture. We also hit on protesting and the pandemic.
Music Used: Run Devil Run, by Girls Generation (K-Pop)

Micheals Meme Page: www.facebook.com/HGSocialist

Video on political compass tests and a better way of thinking about ideogy
Refered to Youtuber: Vaush; He talks good, certain aggressive style
Capitalism’s terrible effect on cheer-leading, If only it were regulated!
Ohio gives Lake Erie legal Standing
One of Several stories on low positives in protest crowds
Public Statement of support for protest from health experts

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