Ep 79: Yes; Abolish the Police

After getting an eyeful of tear gas myself, I’m fired up to make the case for the full transformation of the police. I take the time though to discuss the issues of the fight over demands, the particulars of de-funding, the breaking up of police responsibilities (a redistribution you could say), as well as give clear examples of the program put into action, featuring a look at the Kurdish commune in Syria does policing.

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Music: Interm: Freedom is a Verb, by Daniel Khan and the Painted Bird
Ending: Her Kurd Ebin (I am a Kurd!); Kurdish Patriotic Anthem


Waking up from the American Myth
Forbes reports on the growth of the demand for de-funding
Anti-austerity and environmental argument for de-funding the police.
Newsweek publishes the practical argument for police abolition
Same title; more radical arguments for abolition
An example of crisis response teams in action
How the leftist Kurds of Northern Syria handle public security. Gun toting grannies
Teenvouge’s breakdown of the movement and the need for radical demands
The town in mexico that kicked out corrupt police and gangs; became safer.
Another newrepublic piece on ending Cop unions, reports on the progress of starting that effort

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