Ep 65: US War and Its Future

Instead of covering the hots-pots of unrest, (Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador) I instead explore a source of the problem, namely, our empire. I first discuss the lighter topic of OK Boomer, then shift to a piece on war watching and civilian casualties, then a lack of human rights with Assange. In the Second half I talk about the big picture of climate chaos using the Pentagons own report. Finally a wrap up of how democrats and even progressives only offer soft opposition with the example of Israel. This is a heavier episode, but I share how I got to my views as well.

Interim Music: America the Beautiful, War theme by Micheal Curran, Civ 5 Soundtrack


Passive support of war via distance.
UN lawyer in charge of human rights says Assange is getting none.
Even our old wars continue to kill and maim.
The Pentagon is worried about climate change and ‘mission failure’
Progressives fall behind on better policy on Israel.

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