Ep 61: How to think like a Marxist

Being between colds doesn’t help with the audio quality of my voice, But this episode I talk about Marxist thinking without reading much of it. What is around us that allow us to use intuition to get to anticapitalist conclusions. Such as the sources of poverty, the exploitation of Black people, how class war and divide and conquer tactics are playing out in city streets between bikes and cars.
The 2nd half is a piece about non-profit industry from a socialist perspective covering unions, activism, and where they fir in leftist strategy.

Music Used: Akuda House Propaganda, by Ubisoft, from Beyond Good and Evil

Intro to labor theory of value via AOC tweet
Poverty Rooting In housing exploitation
Evictions and how poverty is profitable
Class war on city streets
Nonprofits and the role of professionals as a class
School CEO doesn’t want to forgive child students lunch debt
FL DOT uses prison Slave Labor. Local radicals demo them.

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