Ep 57: Pitfalls and Paths to Ecology

Subtitle: GreenWashing Debunk #2!

In which I open with a call for the need of being a joiner, then share two examples of obstacles to progress regarding ecology; oversold techno fixes and patriarchal attitudes. Then a piece about the different kinds of hope followed by two examples of cities taking (painfully) incremental but worthy actions. I end with a follow up about flying with the agenda of the movement for degrowth of flying, and a case for small farmers to form coops instead of selling by themselves at popup markets; Joining is liberating vs ‘being your own boss’. which is just self harm if you ask me.

Sources and Links

Music Used: Play Pretend, by Puppet
Except from Hope, by Lewis Black
Epoch, by Salvonic
Solar Roads don’t live up to bullcrap expectations
Survey says men don’t recycle if it makes them look gay.
The Different types of Hope
Berkley bans gas in new buildings
Minneapolis bans new drive-throughs
How to de-grow Air Travel from movement leaders.
Call for Coop Farming with stores over individuals at street markets

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