Ep 53: Leftism as Communism

In which I discuss how communism is part of the Lefts past and present, and how rejecting this leads to some bad takes and lack of good solidarity. Topics include a Clip from Black American Communist Paul Robsen, The local policies of a Communist mayor in Chile, A Kurd’s view that real culture clash is democracy vs capitalism, And the tendency and reasons for democratic socialists and other leftists to fall behind the US war machine.

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Intermission Music: Joe Hill, Sung by Paul Robsen. Album: Songs for Free Men.
Paul Robsen in front of House Un-American Committee
A Communist mayor’s policies in Neo-liberal Chile
The Kurdish Alternative; the true culture war of democracy vs capitalism
Social Dem officeholders fall behind establishment imperial foreign policy
Leftist academics and news sites (like the ones I just used) use bad framing of solutions.

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