Ep 114: Proper-tea Spilling

We return from a month out of studio with a deep discussion about property with readings that explore how leftists can dig out of the usual pitfalls when discussing it. We also chat about Mike leaving his ill fitting salesman job and a little an-cap bashing.
We cover a science report linking equitable government to strong taxing structures; then use an argument against carbon taxes to talk about land or nature based theory of value. In the 2nd half we cover the history of property with what it isn’t, then audio of a classic leftist text; finally a left-wing philosopher uses Marx, Locke and more to relate a balanced approach which throws out landlords and reniters while still letting us keep our toothbrushes.

Music Used: Ancap Grind by ‘The philosopher”

Anthropologists Correlate democracy/good governance with fair tax collection
A land based theory of money/value; debunking environmental taxes.
Debunk of propertrain arguments for property via land use, slam of Libertarians
Breadtuber summarizes first anarchist Proudhon on property, gives rough history.
A LibSoc Provides a balanced approach to property using Marx, Locke, Labor.

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