Episode 102: Anarchy is A Verb

This time pick up where we left off last time with ‘Abolish the Law’ with a return to Anarchist praxis. We cover how Antifa are the only heroes opposing the stop the steal rallies; a right-winger discusses their evil ways; which we then expand on with the Antifa debrief of an action in in Fall; things anarchists should do, and an overview of a direct action guide.

Music Used: Antifa; by Ministry Antifascista: by ZSK


Anti-Fa is at it agaaain!!!
Video of one of them with a good outcome
Rightwing Transwoman joins Anti-fa to give the truth on their strategy for TYRaNNY!
Jack Saints Leftist Analysis of the Marvel movies
To Do list for anarchitsts and a call for unity among them
Recounting and debrief of a direct action in Chicago
Crimethinks guide to direct actions; demisifing antifa and anarchist stuff

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