Ep 63: End of Our Civilization

Climate Change is here and if all the collected knowledge of our society is worth anything, its going to be a collapse or a decline of our (not great) way of life. So how do we respond to that? Are we to be Doomers, or Bloomers? This time I explore various but overlapping points of view, A Social Democrat looking for harm reduction, a survival focused anthropologist, a Philosopher on the distractions from communist answers, a Realist Data nerd looking at growth in the abstract, and a piece on de-growth that is more radical than at first glace.

Music Used: Destroy Civilization, by Louis and the Bombs


Give up stopping climate Chaos; suggests going into harm reduction mode
Uncle Zizek sez give up on individual action, stop being distracted, Go ‘communist’
Expert points out kindness and cooperation is best survival skill.
Author of mega text about Growth says our economics needs rethinking.
Call for a transition to a degrowth economy, describes communalism
Extra reading: An anarchist critique of Primitivism

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