Ep 37: Direct Action and Democracy in France and Beyond

This time I expand on the Yellow Jacket movement in France from different levels of understanding to dispel any misunderstandings or to layout the more important points to wants happening.  I then detour to talk about The Rojavan experiment being adopted by another native oppressed people; and circle back to see the same ideas being implemented among the revolutionary minded French. We may not be looking at the 2nd coming of the Paris Commune, but somethings happening.

Outro Music- Freedom of Rojava; by David Rovics

Sources and Links

general rundown of of yellow jacket movement

Yellow Vests A Product of Neo-Liberalism

Interview exploring the details
Statement from the communists
Statement of the Workers’ Communist Party of France: “The government had to back down, spread the social protest movement!

Rojava Revolution ideas spread

From Rojava to the Mapuche Struggle: The Kurdish Revolutionary Seed Spreads in Latin America

Rojava and occupy ideas being done by some yellow jackets

Call from the Yellow Vests of Commercy to set up popular assemblies

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