Ep 46: Dems Fail Hard. Can Greens Do Better?

While Bernie and Cortez woo voters and watchers, the gears of corporate power continue to turn. Thus I revisit how and why the Democratic Party are a dead end for radical change and discuss how the Green party helps progressives, explain it’s faults in a good faith manner, and what can be done to make the Greens a viable alternative in electoralism. All of this coming from a place of experience and aggravation.

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Music Used: Jill Stein; by David Rovics

The Dem Green New Deal is a farce.
Both parties vote to continue expansion of Fracking. wtf
The left exists to provide Dems with good ideas
Response from a Green Party Political Organizer
Whats holding the Green Party Back?
What the Greens need to do now.

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