Episode 66: Greenwash Debunk Part 3

In which I revisit unsustainable ‘green’ energy, this time looking the project of harvesting our trash out of the oceans, but also the materials for not so renewable energy. I then cover how any good of electric cars are made moot by over supply of Suvs and trucks (its what makes more money) And explore how renewables alone can’t solve the problem, but press the reality that moving away from capitalism is the only ways to fix these collective problems, as markets and liberal republicanism over-sells and under delivers. The case today rests on the need for passive ecological systems and not money making active ones.


Music: Weight of the World, by The Ameros


TED talk idea finally put into action after 8 years

Deep sea mining for metals need for Batteries

Benefits of EV cars cancelled out by the rest of car industry

Can’t replace All Fossil Fuel use with Wind and Solar. Supply side econ needs to go


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