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  • Podcast Ep83: Left Wing Culture War: Old Scars w Micheal Walsh

    I welcome back the Homegrown Socialist as we take a step back form the impending crash for a discussion of historical splits in the left and their results. From taking […]

  • Ep 33 Division in Elections and Work

    Me and Josh continue from last time our discussion of unions during the Russian revolution, then turn to elections and questioning the strategies of fellow socialists, with a final rant […]

  • Ep 32 Bottom up Worker Unity

    This episode I’m joined for the first time by Josh Muno; We review some differences I want to have from other Left-wing podcasts; talk about communes in Venezuela, and read […]

  • Gondola Socialism

    The last episode recorded in 2016: I sit down again with comrade Nick to cover more various topics like (impending Presi) Trump; ‘resistance’ to the agenda with some discussion of […]