Tag: Marxism

  • Ep 115 The Unity of Opposites (Left-wing culture war 4)

    What do ‘Tankies’ and ‘Anarkiddies’ have in common? I seek understanding of the extremes of American leftists and where things can go for any of them. I take a look […]

  • Ep 111: Leftist Anguish On Leftube

    A clip Show made up of bookmarked videos from Youtube arranged to tell something of a story of the feelings, narratives and inner monologues of leftists. The first Half covers […]

  • Ep 93:Lets Talk Ecology

    Me and program Dir Paul take a nature break from the election with an environmental episode. We cover a tragedy of capitalist production with news that new plastic is set […]

  • Ep 61: How to think like a Marxist

    Being between colds doesn’t help with the audio quality of my voice, But this episode I talk about Marxist thinking without reading much of it. What is around us that […]