Tag: Elections

  • Ep123: What Are The Greens Doing These Days?

    As I did last year; I am choosing to present content from The Green Party’s Annual meeting made up of various workshops: included is the Q and A with the […]

  • Ep 92: The Unpopular Front

    Solo This week I cover an update on the Satanists saving Abortion rights; and essays exploring the current Popular front that has developed since summer to beat both Trump and […]

  • Ep 89: Voting Advice for All

    With a month before the ‘all important’ vote; now’s the time to review all the different arguments when it comes to voting in today’s system, and the electoral strategies to […]

  • Ep84: Green Party Convention Special

    I argue for my green party participation often, but I figure it would be worth it to share part of the National Convention I attended. I’ve edited down the livestream […]

  • Ep 75: I Rant for the Green Party.

    On the heels of Bernie suspending his campaign, the progressive movement is left in the lurch debating Biden voting, strategy, and being moody. I attempt to bring clarity by sharing […]

  • Ep 67: Green Party Blues

    Rather than raging about the Dem primary like everyone else, I cover arguments for voting 3rd Party, some Leftists critique of what we’re doing, and Pres Candidate Hawkins response. A […]

  • Ep 63: The ‘Right’ Kind of Organizing

    This episode I am pleased to have my comrade Julian Dante to the show to ask some broad questions about organizing. One is “what do we define as the limits […]

  • Ep 33 Division in Elections and Work

    Me and Josh continue from last time our discussion of unions during the Russian revolution, then turn to elections and questioning the strategies of fellow socialists, with a final rant […]