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  • Episode 100: No Shortcuts: Ecology Edition

    Nothing terribly special for our 100th Episode; we return to ecology with a quick debunk of carbon capture technology, the need to form a degrowth movement, and a target idea […]

  • Ep 76: Greenwashing Part 4: Yuppies Revenge

    This time I return to ecological critique and green capitalist humbug with stories about regardless of intent, establishment lies are in the mix. An animal rights call; a tree planting […]

  • Ep 52: What does ‘Save the Earth’ Mean?

    The month of general overview begins: the first in an exploration of the 3 Lefts is a show on saving the earth, or human civilization, or maybe just some of […]

  • Ep 40: Capitalism’s Gotta Go Pt 2

    In this 2nd half of a tour of our systems moral and physical dead ends, I explore the limits of growth and how the reintegration it will kill everything. Then […]

  • Ep 39: Capitalism’s Gotta Go Pt 1

    Back to releasing 2 hour long episodes; This first half I review the Green Party’s Green New Deal in Contrast to the Dems suedo policy. And cover how capitalism is […]

  • Ep 18 Mow the Rich, not lawns

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