Tag: eco-socialism

  • Episode 100: No Shortcuts: Ecology Edition

    Nothing terribly special for our 100th Episode; we return to ecology with a quick debunk of carbon capture technology, the need to form a degrowth movement, and a target idea […]

  • Ep84: Green Party Convention Special

    I argue for my green party participation often, but I figure it would be worth it to share part of the National Convention I attended. I’ve edited down the livestream […]

  • Ep 79: Yes; Abolish the Police

    After getting an eyeful of tear gas myself, I’m fired up to make the case for the full transformation of the police. I take the time though to discuss the […]

  • Ep 44: Wasted Time on Market Failures

    The 3 Lefts returns with an attack on green capitalism and its complete failure as energy efficiency standards lead to more energy use (and thus more emissions and pollution), a […]

  • Ep 24: Eco-socialist Solidarity Plz

    In this maybe final show with Sage we discuss two candidates in the VT Dem primary and their effect for normalizing the marginalized. How socialist ideas mesh with better adapting […]

  • Ep 11 Earth Day Sandwich

    Go to our Facebook Page at 3 Lefts Show to contact us, suggest topics and help us grow by sharing and reviewing. Visit and support WCAA Albany NY, 107.3 LP-FM www.wcaa1073.org Visit our Pateron Page to support and help us better this project: Pateron.com/3Lefts Show Sources War on drugs/pot legalization...not enough https://theintercept.com/2018/04/20/marijuana-legalization-arrests-increase/ Adam ruins the drug war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXPOw2unxy0 Syria coverage; talking about it because we're bombing there. https://www.ecowatch.com/syria-another-pipeline-war-1882180532.html http://www.newsweek.com/now-mattis-admits-there-was-no-evidence-assad-using-poison-gas-his-people-801542 http://fortune.com/2017/04/07/syria-airstrikes-tomahawk-missile-boeing-raytheon-stock/ Sewer plant in city park https://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Community-hears-about-sewer-plan-12886769.php Backround info used http://www.albany2030.org/tivoli-visioning Ecosocialist manafesto https://internationalgreensocialist.wordpress.com/ecosocialist-manifesto-2nd-draft/ What to do instead of calling the police http://www.aaronxrose.com/blog/alternatives-to-police