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  • Ep 69: The 2 Lefts Show

    I have as a guest Albany County Legislator Sam Fein, A progressive Dem running for State Assembly and neighbor to the radio station. We discuss the Dem Primary and local […]

  • Ep 13 Back Up and Swinging

    Go to our Facebook Page at 3 Lefts Show to contact us, suggest topics and help us grow by sharing and reviewing. Visit and support WCAA Albany NY, 107.3 LP-FM www.wcaa1073.org Visit our Pateron Page to support and help us better this project: Pateron.com/3Lefts Show Sources Albany County Legs nonaction; https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/County-officials-push-pawnshop-legislation-12984829.php https://blog.timesunion.com/localpolitics/18441/downsizing-the-albany-county-legislature-is-back-and-you-can-weigh-in-june-26/ Elon Musk showing off solar roofs that only the rich can buy. Capitalism depends on stealing, http://grist.org/business-technology/none-of-the-worlds-top-industries-would-be-profitable-if-they-paid-for-the-natural-capital-they-use/ Biomass more poluting than coal https://www.ecowatch.com/chatham-house-biomass-study-2288764699.html Ideas about how preurban cultures maintain equality http://www.filmsforaction.org/news/how_huntergatherers_maintained_their_egalitarian_ways_three_complementary_theories/