This last season is a transitory one focused on wrapping up various standing topics and covering saved content from the previous 3 years.

Ep 135: Social Issues Sensual and Systemic   1/4/22

Social Issue topics of interest:  Pro Life activist switches; Sex work during the pandemic; doubting porn/sex addiction; Gay bars seen as safer; romance usually starts as friendship; Aro/Aces count as queer;  Take-downs of toxic positivity, then meritocracy; big changes happen quickly;  Call for museum reform

Ep 136: Para-what?     1/11/22

Full dive into Parecon; economic model for socialism that maintains our values;   Featuring Guest pod-caster Tristan host of ‘The Mayhem Calling’.

Ep137: Planet of Hypocrites  1/18/22

Reviews and reactions of Moore Produced Documentary Planet of the Humans:  Portugal reaches 100% renewables; 2 critics of the film; 1 friend of the filmaker weights in; 2 reviews from Climate organizers;  final Rant from GP candidate Steve Greenburg.

Ep138: Quiet Revolutions in Labor  1/25/22