Tag: Leftism

  • Ep 49: A New Labor Movement Crawls Forward

    Back after a bad month, I return with two shorter episodes; The first covering labor stories including one in video games via a game industry journalists youtube show, a 2nd […]

  • Ep 46: Dems Fail Hard. Can Greens Do Better?

    While Bernie and Cortez woo voters and watchers, the gears of corporate power continue to turn. Thus I revisit how and why the Democratic Party are a dead end for […]

  • Ep 38: Talking Revolution, Defending Socialist States

    In this first episode of the year I read from a number of pieces calling for revolution, defending what it is, talking about what it takes. Then push back strong […]

  • Ep 25: Dan Explains it All

    SF satute removal http://www.governing.com/topics/politics/San-Francisco-Will-Remove-Statue-of-Fallen-Native-American-Critics-Call-Racist.html Call for integration as policy goal again http://www.governing.com/gov-institute/on-leadership/gov-racial-integration.html